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Tannoy Definition DC10A or DC10T

Tannoy is a Scottish speaker company with a long tradition. With their Definition line of products, they have developed the "art of music".

The flagship of the Definition range, the Definition DC10A is a loudspeaker of pure refinement that embodies Tannoy’s core tenets of musical reproduction: A single point source Alnico Dual Concentric™ driver, straight path fully Deep Cryogenically Treated crossover and Tannoy’s signature birch-ply cabinet construction. The DC10A delivers the engaging and articulate sound of Tannoy’s classic Prestige models with the luxurious contemporary style of the Definition series. The Definition DC10A is a thoroughly modern loudspeaker, hand built and rich with traditional values.

The DC10A’s newly developed 10inch Dual Concentric™ driver is powered by Alcomax 3 Alnico motors to deliver a sweet,natural and inherently coherent sound.


A new multi-fibre cone material has been developed specifically for the DC10A to realise the very best from the Alnico magnet system and the HF driver is fitted with the latest iteration of Tannoy’s famous Pepperpot WaveGuide™. The large DC10A birch-ply cabinet features a Mass Loading Cavity enabling users to fine tune LF reproduction to their listening room and a new heavyweight metal plinth assembly with convenient top-adjustable spikes. Finished with the contemporary flair and immaculate detailing applied across the Definition range, the DC10A is visually stunning and musically breath-taking.

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