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Once again thank you very much for the comfortable evening we spent with the musical dessert.  

Even today I cannot find words to describe how much "the colotubes" fascinated me. I was drawn into the music in such a way that I literally saw and heard the musicians and the orchestra right in front of me. 

Even more I was generally astonished since I am not a professional when it comes to music. In spite of this - or maybe because of this - my inner most being was so touched that I cannot find words to describe it. I am still impressed.

Fritz R.

Zitat von Corner GRF 
Ich war 2012 auf der High End Swiss in Zürich und hab die DC10A dort gehört. Lief an einem dicken Vincent Class-A Verstärker und klang insgesamt ganz stimmig, obwohl mit einem anderen Amp da sicher deutlich mehr rauszuholen... wäre.

In einem anderen Raum lief die DC10T an einem Single-Ended Colotube Röhrenverstärker, das war ne richtig gute Performance. Wahrscheinlich wäre es besser gewesen, wenn man da getauscht hätte.

Colotube ist ein noch junger Schweizer Hersteller von Röhren-Verstärkern der Spitzenklasse. Bei dieser Vorführung spielten Lautsprecher von Tannoy, ein CD-Player von Vincent und ein DAC von Metrum Accoustic mit. Das war exzellent! hifibern.ch

Hifi-natic heaven has come one step closer

"There is a man who is as crazy about speakers and stuff as you are, and I have made an appointment for us to meet him," a friend said to me recently. "Gino Colombo is his name," she said as she handed me his business card. In preparation for our visit, I checked out his website www.colotube.ch. Ah, a tube lover! What, using the top quality 300B tubes of Emission Labs in Prague in a 10 watt monoblock system together with Tannoy Definition DC10T speakers! I could barely wait…

Wow, if the monoblocks sound as good as they look, this is really going to be something, I thought when we entered the listening room. Gino and his enthusiastic wife received us with warm Swiss hospitality. Why did Gino develop these monoblocks? It's a story of a quest for excellence. Since he could not find what he was looking for in an existing system, Gino studied electrical engineering and started to build his own amplifiers. What I was listening to, was the result of a ten year development process. Carefully he has selected and combined only components of the highest possible quality in an amplifier built by hand in his small family business. As we were making a listening tour through a whole range of music styles, one pleasurable impression after the other thrilled my hifi-natic heart.

What a broad and deep sound stage! Effortlessly vocal and instrumental soloists, choirs, bands and orchestras were portrayed in such a natural way that it made me think of good coffee. Yes, I am a coffeenatic too. Once you start drinking coffee (and I mean the real thing with freshly ground beans) without sugar, you really begin to taste the difference between good and excellent coffee. Not to mention the dreadful junk many people unwittingly punish themselves with. Well, I was listening to music without sugar – the pure stuff. Music as it should be.

What shall I say? The quality the Swiss are renowned for is exemplified in the system Gino has developed. You just might become as enchanted by it as I have.

Chris Steyn, The Netherlands