Pia Colombo
Marketing and Communications

Executive Master of Science in Communications Management. She is responsible for Media Relations. Pia knows English, German and French. Until 2006 she was a spokeswomen to the Swisscom Group and responsible for international media relations. 

Dario Colombo
Technique and Sales

At 24, he is the youngest of our team, Dario has successfully finished his apprenticeship as computer specialist. He plays the guitar in a band called Liquid Rain - on a vacuum tube amp, of course. He loves high-quality Music and combines his passion for music and technique.

Graziella Rogers ist die Markenbotschafterin von colotube. Sie hat nach der Matura die Schauspielschule besucht bevor sie Miss Earth Switzerland war. Heute arbeitet sie als Moderatorin, Model und Visagistin. Sie lässt sich berufsbegleitend zur PR Fachfrau ausbilden.

Fabia Colombo 
Production Assistant

Assisting in production and inventory. She studys at the University of Berne.

Sandro Colombo 

Owner of the agency "Goodmood" for visual communications, expo and events. He has an eye for aesthetics and makes sure that our products meets the highest requirements of design.